The Company

Who we are

Félix Belso began his professional career in the world of carpets more than 40 years ago, with the manufacture and distribution of a limited catalogue of references, which he was soon been forced to expand as a result of the growing demand.

Today, four decades later, a team of more than 20 people distributed among the Design, Projects, Manufacturing, Distribution and International Departments work both from the central facilities in Bergondo, La Coruña, and from more than a dozen countries to bring their creations to life and to be present wherever the client requires it.

Félix Belso Alfombras SL has become a reference in the sector in the Iberian Peninsula thanks to its experience in constant evolution, which has always been able to combine the traditional models of rugs with technological innovation and new production processes that are cleaner, more efficient and more respectful to the environment.

Our History

The will to be at the forefront of an increasingly demanding and changing market led this entrepreneur to a wide tour of Asia, where, in addition to learning about the ancestral techniques and traditional materials used in the creation of precious pieces, he found the inspiration that has enabled him to reach our days with an unparalleled catalogue of original references, which reach their highest expression in the premium brand Habana Home.

Since its foundation, Felix Belso has created reference collections in the world of exclusive rugs. His focus on developing new designs and textures has taken the carpet to a higher level. Each Habana Home rug is made of passion, tradition, quality and art. The result is a second to none, unique and exclusive work.

If initially it were handcrafted techniques and natural materials that were mostly used in his creations, the start with new production processes and synthetic fibers allowed him to expand his already extensive range of customized, made-to-measure carpets.

Today, with a colour palette of more than 1,500 shades and some thirty different textures, he offers a universe of possibilities that can be adapted to any type of demand. His works can be found in the most diverse sectors, from the hotel industry to the nautical industry, passing through leisure and recreation places, institutional dependencies, offices, commercial areas, religious buildings and, of course, in private homes.


From the central offices in La Coruña, Felix Belso Alfombras SL began to open its market in Galicia, to soon expand to the rest of Spain. The growing demand in the neighboring country led him to open his first international representation in the city of Porto, to spread his action through Europe and the world.

Habana Home rugs can be found in luxurious buildings in Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. In recent years, countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, France and Russia have joined the International Department, so that today we are present in more than a dozen European countries, extending our presence to Asia. Our creations crossed the Atlantic and several first class hotels in the USA, Mexico and Dominican Republic have the signature of Felix Belso Alfombras in their facilities.

With the expansionist spirit that has always characterized us, in 2020 the Company enters the Asian market through Dubai.